World Economic Forum calls for employers to address ageism

World Economic Forum calls for employers to address ageism

The World Economic Forum has announced that 'the global community has a role and a responsibility to combat ageism, which is the single most impenetrable barrier to the pursuit of healthy ageing'.

This new report brings together the reality of longer lives, the ageism exposed by the pandemic and its disproportionate impacts on older people, and the opportunities for building a future without ageism.

Recommendations of the report include revising the narrative and discourse on ageism towards human rights and dignity, recognising the valuable contribution of older people as essential members of society, and acknowledging ageism’s intersectionality with gender, culture, race and sexual orientation.

Critically, the World Economic Forum also asserts that we need to 'strengthen intergenerational solidarity in workplaces and in society'. Employers must play a key role by 'making workplaces more age-friendly and offering older employees upskilling and training opportunities, job redesign and fair work practices'.

These ‘ways forward’ are all fundamental principles and policies of EveryAGE Counts.

Why is the World Economic Forum concerning itself with ageism?

As an international organisation for public-private cooperation, the World Economic Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas to empower global leaders ‘to shape the future for the better’. Guided by the motto ‘Entrepreneurship in the global public interest’, the World Economic Forum comprises over 1000 global companies as partners and has broad networks with industries, governments, civil society, media and academics.

COVID-19 has exposed deep seated ageism which, if not addressed, will stymie rebuilding efforts. As we emerge from the pandemic older adults have a key role to play in restarting economies, building stronger communities and shaping inclusive workplaces, but according to World Economic Forum, must dismantle the fundamental barrier of ageism.

The World Economic Forum's key messages align with those of EveryAGE Counts. Australian companies are among the World Economic Forum's partners and members. EveryAGE Counts reaches out to those companies and welcomes the opportunity to work with you to strengthen intergenerational solidarity, build age friendly workplaces and address age discrimination.

If your organisation would like to learn more about joining the EveryAGE Counts campaign, you can find our join page here or contact us here.

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