Human rights of older persons

Human rights of older persons

Human rights advocates around the world have long argued that ageism – negative stereotypes, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards older age and older people – is a barrier to older people enjoying general human rights protections.

Whilst human rights are at the heart of all the activities of the EveryAGE Counts, just like advocates for children, people with disability, and those who experience racial or gender discrimination have found, we've identified that general human rights protections are often not enough to to ensure the protection of the rights of older persons. There is a need to ensure that the rights of older persons are upheld explicitly in relevant Australian legislation (such as aged care acts) and in specific human rights protection instruments. 

EveryAGE Counts has joined with other civil society organisations, individual supporters and advocates who publicly endorse a new UN Convention on the Human Rights of Older Persons, in a new network called ROPA (Rights of Older Persons Australia).

You can also join the campaign, because political leadership will only follow on from action within the broader community.  

Follow this link to the petition to the Australian Government to pro-actively support the advancing of UN processes examining a United Nations Convention on the Rights of Older Persons

Follow this link for tips on writing to Australian Parliamentarians and Government Ministers insisting on their support for a UN Convention on the Rights of Older Persons

You can also download the EveryAGE Counts Human Rights Policy Position Paper by clicking on this link to the Policy page of this website.


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