Why Campaign

Ageism is not benign or harmless. It is a big problem because it impacts on our confidence, quality of life, job prospects, health, and control over life decisions.

It is pervasive but often hidden.  It can distort our attitudes to older people and ageing and have profound negative impacts on our personal experience of growing older.  The impacts of ageism can prevent or limit us from contributing and participating in our communities – socially, economically and as full citizens – and even impact our physical health and longevity.

As well as its individual impacts, ageism can also deny society the enormous range of benefits that can flow, economically and socially, from the full participation of older people.

EveryAGE Counts is an advocacy campaign aimed at tackling ageism against older Australians.  Click on this link to download an information sheet about the campaign, its background, objectives and funding.

Here for the long haul

The EveryAGE Counts campaign vision is “a society where every person is valued, connected and respected regardless of age and health”. We recognise that change can take years to grow and embed in individual and collective attitudes, interpersonal relationships, community behaviours, professional practices and government policies, programs and laws. 

The EveryAGE Counts coalition is organising around building:

  • a national coalition for action;
  • an active, broad-based social movement;
  • effective advocacy and political engagement;
  • a stronger policy, research and evidence base;
  • powerful responses to structural ageism and discrimination in
    • employment
    • healthcare
    • aged care
    • housing
    • digital inclusion
    • economic security;
  • effective communications and marketing.


EveryAGE Counts is led by a broad-based national coalition of individuals and organisations committed to tackling ageism. 

We have a new Board to ensure good governance and comply with legal requirements. 

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