The Real Old

The Real Old

We live in a society where youth is revered and old age feared. Every ad for an anti-ageing product says ‘old is ugly’; every forgetful old-timer joke feeds a cruel dementia stereotype; every ‘grey tsunami’ headline suggests living longer, healthier lives is a natural disaster that will destroy everything.

The Real Old is a magazine resource that addresses many of the myths that drive ageism and negative attitudes towards getting older. 


If we’re lucky, we’ll all be older one day, and it can be an extremely satisfying and enjoyable part of our lives. If you are at a younger stage of life, one reason to get involved with ending ageism against older  people now is that you’ll also be ending discrimination against your future self.  

You can download a version of The Real Old by clicking on this link. If you would like to share this resource with others, you can contact us to request hard copies of The Real Old.

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