Share Your Story AAD 2021

Share Your Story AAD 2021

The first Ageism Awareness Day is approaching on 1 October, and we're asking you to lend your voice to the day by sharing your experiences of ageism.

We're putting together a video montage of real stories from our supporters' experiences with ageism, because we know that people's are more likely to understand an issue when it is told through real stories from real people. You can do this using the camera on your phone.

By bringing these stories together this video will create the ‘aha’ moment of realisation of what ageism is and the harmful effects it has on people. By giving people a better understanding of ageism, you'll be helping them ‘know it’ and ‘name it’. 

You can do this using your phone, following the instructions below:

What to include in your video:

  • Your story needs to be a short anecdote of 30 seconds to a maximum of one minute in length.
  • Please state your full name at the start of the video, before you pause and then start your story. We won’t use your name in the video, this is for our records.
  • At the end of your recording, please state the theme for the day – ‘Ageism: Name it, Know it’.
  • Please shoot the video in landscape (wide), not portrait.
  • Please send your video submissions to [email protected]
  • We recommend you use Dropbox to send your files. It’s free, easy and it doesn’t require a membership. Follow the steps below:
    • Go to by clicking the link
    • Then select ‘sign in’ in the top right-hand corner
    • You can select to sign in with google or apple. Or alternatively, you can create an account.
    • Once logged in, you can upload your video where it says ‘upload’.
    • To share your video, click on the ellipsis (three dots) next to your uploaded video and select ‘share’.
    • Then type in [email protected] and send your file.
  • We need to receive video submissions before 13 September 2021 so that we have time to review, select and edit for the montage.
  • Unfortunately we won't be able to include all submissions, but we are also looking to use extra stories in our social media posts. We'll let you know if yours has been selected.

Instructions on how to film:

Your story can be filmed on your phone or any other camera you have available to you.

Shoot: Keep it simple.
Ideally, the camera/phone should sit on a tripod to maintain a steady image. If not, try and put the camera/phone on a stable surface (or utilize someone with steady hands).
Frame in a ‘medium’ shot (top of your head to just below shoulders with just a small amount of space above head). It should be shot in landscape (wide), not portrait.

Lighting and Sound: Shoot with enough light so we can clearly see your face. Natural light is best. Make sure the main light sources come from BEHIND camera (to see your face most clearly). Do not film yourself standing in front of a window (this will make you a silhouette). Record a practise clip and see how it looks and sounds before taping your story.

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