Have you met our friend Ashton Applewhite? (You might soon)

Have you met our friend Ashton Applewhite? (You might soon)

Ashton Applewhite received a standing ovation for her TED talk in 2017in

Maybe we’re being a bit pre-emptive here, but we’re very excited to be announcing that we are organising a national tour of US author and activist against ageism Ashton Applewhite this coming November.

At the EveryAGE Counts HQ we are huge fans of Ashton’s work, and if you haven’t seen her TED talk, here’s the link so you can go watch it now! Ashton is the author of This Chair Rocks – A Manifesto Against Ageism, and is an activist on a mission to raise awareness of our age bias – between our ears and in the world around us – and to make age a criterion for diversity.

Whilst event dates and details still being finalised, we can reveal that Ashton’s tour will include events in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra Sydney and Brisbane. What a journey!

A tour of this breadth, of a speaker so well regarded amongst anti-ageism campaigners internationally, is not possible without our supporters and without the help of so many amongst the EveryAGE Counts membership. We’re working behind the scenes to make sure that Ashton’s tour provides the bang to spark a national conversation.

To help us take advantage of this moment, you may be able to help too. If you haven’t already, sign up to the EveryAGE Counts campaign to make sure you hear about events local to you, and to keep touch with our campaigning around Ashton’s visit.

We are also looking for sponsors to support Ashton Applewhite’s speaking tour. If this takes your interest, you can download the sponsorship prospectus for more details and contact Marlene Krasovitsky, Campaign Director for EveryAGE Counts (0419 440 265 or [email protected]). 

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