Save the date! 9 October 2024 is Ageism Awareness Day

Save the date! 9 October 2024 is Ageism Awareness Day

Ageism Awareness Day was founded by EveryAGE Counts, Australia's national coalition of organisations against ageism.

Ageism Awareness Day began in Australia, but is increasingly being supported around the world, including in the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Ageism Awareness Day is a reminder to all Australians that ageism is still rife within the Australian community. Ageism has a direct adverse impact on the lives of many Australians in such areas as aged care, provision of health services and employment and is a contributing factor to elder abuse.

The EveryAGE Counts campaign has over 100 organisational supporters including many local government authorities across Australia and is backed by a formal membership of many thousands of people many of whom are active in their local communities tackling ageism.

A spokesperson for EveryAGE Counts, Dr Marlene Krasovitsky said, “Ageism is stereotyping, discrimination and mistreatment of people solely on the basis of age. Ageism has devastating impacts on physical and mental health, longevity, employment prospects and participation opportunities”. 

“EveryAGE Counts surveys have consistently revealed that 70% of people surveyed believe that ageism is a serious problem in Australia. Ageism will impact on all of us as we grow older. It can seriously damage our quality of life. Our campaign seeks to challenge these negative attitudes, to empower, and strengthen the rights, of older people and build an Australia without ageism” Dr Krasovitsky said.  

“Ageism puts older people down, saps their self-confidence and according to the World Health Organisation can take 7.5 years off people’s lives”.

Many organisations already have plans in place to mark Ageism Awareness Day. EveryAGE Counts is urging organisations and Councils to hold events to build community support for tackling ageism.’

“We believe Australia can be a global leader in tackling ageism. We look forward to working with all Governments around Australia to address these issues with a community-based campaign, Dr Krasovitsky said.

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