Ageism Awareness Day

Ageism Awareness Day

Ageism Awareness Day is an opportunity to draw attention to the existence and impacts of ageism in Australia, which is a critical step to changing community attitudes.

‘Ageism: End It’

Ageism remains the most accepted form of prejudice in Australia and alarmingly on a global scale 1 in 2 people are ageist. Sadly that's half of the world’s population that hold negative attitudes around ageing and older people. In Australia, we’re leading the world in learning how to campaign to end ageism, but we still have a long road ahead in changing social attitudes. We need to work together to combat ageism in Australia and on a global scale. Ageism is highly tolerated, but it shouldn't be. So, it’s time to say yes to ageing and no to ageism. It’s time to End It!

How do we take part?

Ageism Awareness Day will be held on 7 October 2022. It is centred around the UN's International Day of Older Persons which occurs on 1 October 2022. The activities on the day will support the growing social movement to shift attitudes towards older age and older people and provide resources and tools to take action to end ageism. We are asking you to get involved in this movement by using the EveryAGE Counts resources and taking part in activities such as hosting or attending a Snakes and Ladders themed games event, to learn about how you can challenge ageism and dismantle its impacts. The Snakes and Ladders board is being custom designed as a way to bring life to the negative impacts of ageism (snakes) and positive actions that can help to end ageism (ladders).

Register to host an Ageism Awareness Day Games Event

Put your game face on and get ready to have some fun! All hosts will receive an organisers' pack via post, and we'll provide you with an organising plan, materials, and a custom made Snakes and Ladders board game to play at your event. Click here to register your interest in hosting a games event and we'll be in touch with more details shortly. 

Attend the Ageism Awareness Day Online Launch Event

EveryAGE Counts will be hosting an online launch event and we’d love for you and your guests to join us. This is a great opportunity to be involved even if you are not able to host or attend a games event. We have a very special guest joining us and we can't wait to share these details with you! Register now and stay tuned as further announcements will be released shortly. 

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