The Ageism Research

The Ageism Research

To better understand the beliefs and behaviours that drive ageism, The Benevolent Society commissioned a three part research study The Drivers of Ageism to redefine the narrative of ageing in Australia and to drive positive change in economic, social, health and civic participation outcomes.

The report was released in September 2017 and can be downloaded below.

The three elements of the study include:
  • A literature review to research the latest Australian and international research on ageism, to identify what is known about the “drivers” of ageist attitudes and behaviour, and to review the effectiveness of any campaigns or strategies that could potentially combat ageism.

  • A national online survey of over 1,400 community members to explore community attitudes towards ageing and older people and to identify what influences people’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

  • Four focus group discussions with community members, including older and younger Australians to explore in-depth how they view older people, how they personally feel about getting older, what they fear and what they are looking forward to as they age, and what they think could be done to address any perceived bias or discrimination against older people.