Grace Lee

Grace Lee

I’m not your sweetie, sweetheart, darling, dearie, dearest, love, lovey, and I certainly don’t want to be referred to as a grandma. I might be a grandma, but for all older women to be referred to as such, is incorrect. 

My goodness some of us have led very fruitful lives without children. Really would you call some of our senior female politician’s grandma, and would you talk down to them that way? So why do you treat me differently because I am a woman over 60.

I had to go to the hospital a few years ago as I had a miner problem but I found the doctor and her assistants insultingly NICE

‘What can we do for you today Lovey’ ‘or ‘you should do this sweetie, or ‘dearie you have to do it this way.’ The words were spoken to me in such a condescending way that I left there feeling sick and never went back.

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